RedRice Ale

IMG_3052 This beer has an owl on its cap. Anyone who is building a beer cap table needs to have a beer cap with an owl on it. Now, I do. And that will be the best comment I have about this beer.

RedRice was brewed at the Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki Japan. With a name like RedRice, I was hoping for a beer resembling the American red ales. Boy was I in for a shock. Otherwise, I expected something light and refreshing reminiscent of the other Japanese beers I’ve had. Unlike the other well-known Japanese beers, Sapparo and Asahi most notably, this beer was anything but light and refreshing. To say it in a positive way, it was a unique beer experience.


The first thing I noticed about this beer was the price. At over $5 a bottle, I’d have been much happier with a six-pack of something a bit more modest. The second thing I noticed about this beer was the horrible taste. The worst cough syrup I’d ever had was much more pleasant than the first sip of this beer. However, as I continued through this beer, the medicinal quality was limited to only the aftertaste. I have to wonder if something went horribly wrong with this batch, but for the price, I won’t be trying it again to find out. Honestly, the more I drink it, the less appalling it is. However, now that it’s done, I’m very happy to put this beer behind me. I gagged a little bit on the last swallow.

Would I buy this beer again? Hell no. Should you buy this beer? Hell no.

I wanted to give this beer a higher score, but no one should be asked to pay $5 for that experience. This is my first 1/5 cap beer.

3 thoughts on “RedRice Ale

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  2. Nest was one of the first microbrewers in Japan, so they get a little credit, but they overcarbonate everything and their specialties and experiments are not very good. I didn’t dig the Red Rice Ale and I think they’re exporting it for its Japaneseyness. Bad move. Steer clear of the XX and Celebration Ale, too.

    To defend Nest a bit, their Pilsner and Pale Ale are nice tipples, the Amber Ale is a bit heavy on the roasted malt for me, but it’s not bad. Also, it’s a craft ale – that alone should tip you off that it’s not going to be like a macrobrew adjuncty pilsner.

    I think this blog is giving me a really clear picture of your tastes. Good fun. Plus, I know exactly how cheap I can be with the beer and still please you.

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