Fosters CapFoster’s is an Australian beer. In fact, the advertising campaign claims it’s ‘Australian for beer.’ It’s an iconic bottle. Whenever you see an Australian bar in an American movie, the Foster’s bottles seem to be prominently displayed. It also seems to appear in a lot of commercials for Outback Steakhouse.

Foster’s is most known as being the big beer in a can. The Foster’s oilcan holds 25.4 oz of this brew. It’s also really fun to drink out of. Of course, cans don’t give me bottle caps, and the point of this blog is to collect caps. As a result, this Foster’s is in a standard 12 oz bottle.

Fosters Bottle

My Foster’s was dated best by next month, which might be why it smelled a little skunkier than I expected. I usually have Foster’s when I have a large piece of meat, but tonight I’ll make an exception. I let my beer sit for a few minutes, and the smell was much more inviting. The first taste was very mild, but perhaps a bit to the bitter end of the spectrum. There was a mildly metallic aftertaste, but hardly noticeable. As I drank more, the beer showed a slightly complex flavor when concentrated on. I could taste the hops after a short while. I never thought about Fosters this much as I drank it previously – probably because I was distracted by a steaming piece of red meat. But now, I think this beer would go very well with seafood as well.

Would I buy Foster’s again? You bet. It’s never been the first beer to hop into mind, but I think I need to consider it more in the future. And I think I owe it more of a staring role. It doesn’t need to take second stage to food. Should you buy Fosters? It’s worth adding to your rotation. Give it a fair shot and let it be the center of your attention. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Foster’s.

I give this beer 8/10 caps.

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