Shiner Hefeweizen

Shiner Hefeweizen CapSince starting this blog, I’ve become a great fan of the mixed beer cases you can get at the grocery store. I picked up the Shiner Family Reunion mixed pack from my local Albertson’s the other day. It’s a twelve pack with six different brews. There’s two of each, so I can write about one and share the other with a family member of my own.

Shiner is best known for Shiner Bock. Although their bock is included in the family reunion, I’ve been eager to try the Shiner Hefeweizen since having the PranQster Belgian Style Golden Ale. That put me in the mood for one of these sweet and sour brews, and I decided to start with the Shiner Hefeweizen.

Shiner Hefeweizen Bottle

As I poured this beer, I noticed it to be a bit clearer than the hefeweizens I’m familiar with. Tasting it proved to be a bit thin too. I’m not sure that this is even a hefeweizen. It tastes much more like any other beer than I would expect. I think my expectations prejudiced me against this beer. It still had a hint of that medicinal quality you’d expect from a hefeweizen, but none of the power that makes them appealing. If you’re looking for a good hefeweizen, don’t look to Shiner.

Would I buy this beer again? No. I expect something more from a hefeweizen than Shiner was able to give. I do hope to find a good hefeweizen in my beer adventure. If you know of any to recommend, please do. Should you try this beer? I’d say no. If you want to try a hefeweizen or are a fan of them, Shiner is not a good representation of this beer.

I give this beer 2/5 caps.

Grolsch Premium Lager

2013-04-08 12.53.05Grolsch has that certain kind of name. You know, a name that you pronounce the same before and after drinking a twelve pack of the stuff. It’s also probably the only beer that your dog could successfully order.

This beer came in my 18 pack of international beers. My wife asked that I review this beer to guest blog on her blog page. She’s doing the alphabetical days project. Today is G. G is for guest blog, and G is for Grolsch.

Grolsch has been brewed in Holland since 1615. Grolee, where this beer was first brewed, was known for its greenwood forests. In fact, I understand that ‘grolsch’ means ‘beer from the green woods.’ The water source for this beer has always been a natural spring, but since 2004, the water travels out of the spring and down a 7 km pipe before reaching the location of the ultra-modern Grolsch Brewery.

2013-04-08 12.52.27

The first taste of this beer was slightly flowery, but that devolved into a light, thin beer. I would believe it if someone had told me this beer was cut with water, or even club soda since there was a quality to it similar to that. When the beer was held in the mouth, it was almost astringent. When it was consumed quickly, it had almost a metallic flavor. I can’t say that I enjoyed this beer.

Would I buy this beer again? No, and I’d choose a different one if this beer had companions in a friend’s cooler. Should you buy this beer? It’s not the worst beer out there, but with so many good beers available, I can’t recommend spending your time with this one. Of course, you might like it. If you do, please tell me what you like about this beer in the comments. Maybe I can try it again paying attention to the points you make.

I give this beer only 2/5 caps.

Odell IPA

2013-03-10 13.22.52Like Chang beer, this beer has an elephant on the label. Unlike Change, this beer has no elephant on the cap. The caps from Odell brewery are all the same design, but at least this brewery changes the colors of their caps as they change their beers. Because of this, I’ll be trying more from this brewery in the future. I hope they’ll be better than their IPA.

The first thing I noticed about this beer was a large amount of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. I tried to pour the beer, carefully, but it was of little use. A good amount of the sediment made it into the poured beer.

2013-03-10 13.19.27

Upon pouring the beer, I noticed a strong, grapefruit-like scent. After my experience with the Marble IPA, I was a little hesitant to take that first sip. When I did, the flavor of grapefruit was unsurprisingly present. However, this beer was slightly more enjoyable than the Marble as the grapefruit flavor was not as sour.

Would I buy this beer again? No. I’m really not a fan of the grapefruit flavor. This is something I’m going to pay closer attention to as I drink more IPAs. Should you try this beer? Well, if you like a drink that you can have at either dinner or breakfast, go for it.

I’ll give this beer 2/5 caps.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale

021We seek the grail! Errr, I mean an ale. I’m a big enough Monty Python nerd to have wanted this beer. When I saw it on the Total Wine and More website, I knew I had to pick it up. Luckily, I was able to find it in the chaos of the opening weekend.

When I first tasted this beer, it was sweet, almost wine-like. Sadly, the second taste was without much flavor at all. The beer was thin and almost watery. However, if large gulps were taken, one could be convinced that they were drinking beer.


Would I buy this beer again? No. Should you buy it? Well, if you’re making a beer cap table, yes. And, if you’re attending a Monty Python marathon, this beer will go well in large quantities. You might taste something that way. This beer is a novelty item and only worth its kitch.

Considering this beer only as a beer and not a novelty item, I’d unfortunately give this beer only 2/5 caps.

Now go away, you silly person.

Marble IPA

044The Marble Brewery is here in Albuquerque. It has a drinking room, but it’s a place where beer hipsters go, and not a scene in which I feel very comfortable. However, the beer is good. I feel lucky since the bar/burger joint up the street, Spinn’s, has Marble beer on tap. I feel much more at home at a little burger joint, and I very much enjoy drinking the Marble Brewery’s beer there.

I picked up a case of Marble’s IPA to share with my father when my folks came to visit. I was disappointed to learn that Marble is way better from the tap than it is in a bottle. Now that I’ve gone through half a case of the bottled IPA, I’m eager to retry the IPA at Spinn’s to compare.

The first thing I noticed as I poured this beer into a glass was a light haze, and the beer had a mild, flowery aroma. I was very surprised as I tasted this beer. I had thought that perhaps I had poured a bottle of grapefruit juice into my glass since the taste of grapefruit was quite overwhelming. The beer was acidic, yet bitter, and it met my tongue with a mild sting. This was not the most enjoyable beer I’ve ever had, and I was disappointed since I was so used to the high quality I had come to associate with this brewery.


Perhaps it was just this batch of beer that had these qualities, but they ran throughout the case. I wouldn’t recommend buying the Marble IPA from the bottle, but if you have a chance to drink Marble’s brew from the tap, I’d highly recommend that. I’ve always felt that beer from the tap was much better than beer from a bottle, but I’ve never noticed such a dramatic difference. It’s something I’ll need to remain aware of as I continue to sample beers.

I’d give this beer from the bottle 2/5 caps.