Asahi Cap  Asahi is a Japanese beer. When I was living in Korea, there was an effort to popularize Asahi in the various bars. On certain nights, the Asahi girls would arrive at various bars and hand out cold bottles of beer. They even handed out novelty Asahi flip-flops. Unfortunately for me, Asahi was very expensive at the bars, so I never bought it.

Asahi Extra 1

Now that I’m back in the US, Asahi isn’t quite as expensive. It’s a very popular beer in Asian restaurants, and it goes especially well with Japanese food. Asahi and sushi is really good. The bitterness of the beer compliments the sweetness of the sushi wonderfully.


As I poured my Asahi, my mouth began to water. This beer smells exactly as a beer should. The first sip of Asahi was bitter – nicely so. Unlike other Asian beers I’ve had, this beer has a strong, full-bodied taste. This beer advertises itself as being “super dry,” and it is. It has a nice, sharp finish. It’s a really enjoyable beer. Usually I lean away from the lighter beers, but Asahi is really tasty.

Will I buy Asahi again? Yes. I think this will be my Asian beer of choice.  Should you buy Asahi? It’s a bit bitter, so be prepared, but yes, you should try it.

I give this beer 4/5 caps.