Shiner Blonde

Shiner Blonde CapTamara, (my wife) wanted to make some beer bread a few nights ago, so she asked if I had anything that would work for it. Lighter beers work better for beer bread than darker beers, so I had to check. Since my Shiner Family Reunion pack offered its beers in pairs, I figured the Shiner Blonde would work well for her. It also gave me a good excuse to pour one into a glass so that she could confirm that it was the beer she wanted to bake with. Of course, I get to drink that one.

Blonde ales are very pretty beers. Shiny and golden, they look like sunshine in a glass. Shiner’s Blonde was just as pretty as any blonde ale I’ve ever seen. I’m really hoping this one impresses me more than the other Shiner family members I’ve tried so far.

Shiner Blonde Bottle

Just by looking at it, I expected this beer to be sweet. It was slightly sweet as it flowed across the tongue, but that quickly gave way to a pleasantly sharp swallow. In fact, I’d say the best qualities of this beer are the way it plays in the mouth rather than the flavor. Flavor-wise, this beer is unobtrusive and mild. At the moment, I kind of wish its twin wasn’t being made into bread. I’d like to drink another. (And with that thought, my wife came and took the last ¼ of what was in my glass to add to her recipe.)

As bread, this beer was very good. It helped to make a much lighter, fluffier bread than usual. Tamara and I enjoy watching Betty’s Kitchen on YouTube. Betty’s a sweet lady who’s more entertaining than she probably intends to be, and her recipes are really good. Tamara was inspired by this recipe, but made some adjustment as she makes her own beer bread often. If you’re a fan of beer, you’ll be a fan of beer bread whether made with cheese and chives or without.

Would I drink this beer again? Sure. I’d like to get some more right now, in fact. This beer offers a really nice way to wind down from a busy day. It would be nice to sit out on the porch with it. Should you try this beer? If you can find Shiner Blonde on its own, then yes. At the moment, the mixed pack is 1 for 3 though, so I can’t recommend that investment yet. Hopefully the last three beers in the mix will be fantastic.

As a drinking beer, I give this one 4/5 caps.