Corona Extra

Corona CapCorona is a beer from Mexico. It’s one of many beers I’ve had a lot since moving to New Mexico. As I understand it, Mexican beers weren’t very popular until Corona began suggesting people put limes in the bottles. Lime in Corona is pretty good, but I don’t have any.

Corona offers its beer in different sizes. They have the large, 24 oz that you see here (the last replacement of “the great quaffing” mentioned here) the standard 12 oz, and the 7 oz Coronitas (little Coronas). Often, you can buy a bucket of ice filled with six to eight Coronitas. It’s a great way to share with your friends.Corona Bottle

When I opened this beer, I thought I had taken the cap off a skunk. I didn’t expect this from a Corona, and I’ve never experienced it with one of these beers before. I wonder if this one is a bit old. It was a strong beer. The flavor was like five Budweisers smashed into one. It was a skunky flavor, but acceptable. Again, I think this beer might not have been representative of other Coronas. I’m looking forward to having some other Coronas at a later date.

Would I buy Corona again? Yes, of course. It’s a great, refreshing beer. Should you buy Corona? Yeah. Corona’s nothing too special, but it’s a good beer. (Just make sure yours hasn’t been sitting around too long)

I give this beer 3/5 caps.