Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo CapSome beers like to think they’re champagnes. They wrap the tops of their bottles in foil to appear more fancy than other beers. Since I started collecting caps for the table, I’ve been very wary of these foil-topped beers. Most of the time, they have nothing of note on the actual cap. Thanks Negra Modelo. Your contribution to my table will be great to reflect upon. “What’s that blank cap?” I don’t remember. More than likely, this boring cap will get tossed.

Negra Modelo is from Mexico. It’s an older brew, celebrating its 87th year of production in 2013. It’s popularity as an export beer has been growing recently, so it’s likely you’d be able to find this beer easily.

Negra Modelo Bottle

The first sip of the beer tasted lightly chocolaty. It’s a clean beer and very unimposing. As dark and rich as the beer looks, it’s not very strong. If I were eating or absorbed in conversation, I might forget that I was actually drinking a beer. It’s not a bad beer, and I’d drink another if I had it.

Would I buy this beer again? I might, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to. I’d happily drink it if a friend were to offer one. Should you drink it? There are a number of mixed packs that include Negra Modelo. Right now, I know of a ‘Beers of Mexico’ mixed pack, as well as the ’18 World Beers’ mix from which I got mine. Pick one of those up. They’re fun.

I give this beer 3/5 caps.