Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle CapThis was one of the original 21 caps I had before beginning this blog. It came in my international beers mixed case, so I figured I could write a review of it. Unfortunately, that beer was drunk without my knowledge. Luckily, the person who drank it agreed to replace it, with the 18.2 oz bottle pictured.

Newcastle is a British beer. I always said that if I ever go to England, I want to spend more time in pubs than in tourist traps. As a general rule, I like English beers. Of course, in a pub I’d have some fish and chips or some bangers and mash. I don’t have those things now.Newcastle Bottle

The first sips of this beer helped wash away some stress. It’s a bitter beer, but clean. It’s crisp with a mildly sweet finish. There might be a slightly metallic taste, but it’s hardly noticeable. If this beer were accompanied by food, it would make a wonderful accompaniment – especially if that food were a bit heavy and greasy.

Would I buy this beer again? Yes, but I’d much prefer it off the tap. I don’t think being cooped up in a bottle does Newcastle any favors. Should you try this beer? Yes, but again, try to find it on tap. Most bars carry Newcastle, and any English or Irish themed pub would have it. Plus, at a pub you can get some greasy food to go with it.

I give Newcastle 4/5 caps, but from the bottle I’d say it’s a low 4/5.