Pabst Blue Ribbon

2013-03-29 08.20.31My father-in-law was looking in the fridge for a beer, but all I had were the specialty beers I bought in the mixed packs. Since these had been bought for this blog, he felt guilty taking the Kirin Ichiban. (I’ll have to pick up a new one of those to review.) I felt that we needed something around the house to drink without feeling the need to review, so I picked up an 18 pack of Pabst. But, of course, I’m going to review it.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is an old American beer. The original Pabst Brewing Co. was founded in 1844. Since that time, the beer has fluctuated in popularity. Today, the beer is selling better than it has over the past several decades, and it deserves it.

2013-03-23 06.12.54

Pabst is crisp and dry. It goes down smooth leaving a mildly yeasty, bread-like aftertaste. It’s refreshing and enjoyable. The best part about Pabst is its value. I got eighteen beers for $11. That’s just slightly over 60 cents a bottle!

Would I buy Pabst again? Of course I would. Pabst is a wonderful value beer. Should you buy Pabst? Well, that’s hard to say. If you’re really picky with your beer, the monetary savings might not be enough to convince you to drink Pabst. But, if you like a beer that isn’t pretending to be something else, Pabst is a good, honest selection.

I give Pabst Blue Ribbon 3/5 caps.