Red Nectar

2013-03-29 08.26.03Red Nectar is brewed by Nectar Ales, a relatively young brewery founded in 1987. (I say relatively young since it was founded within my lifetime as apposed to breweries from which my grandfather probably drank.) The brewery claims this is in the style of an American Amber Ale, but it is, without question, unique.

Being a fan of red ales, I’ll often gravitate toward beers that have ‘red’ somewhere in their name. Sometimes this leads me in the right direction as with Red Chair NWPA, and sometimes it leads me in the wrong direction as with RedRice. Luckily for me, it seems to be leading me in the right direction more than the wrong one.

2013-03-29 08.25.05

As I poured my bottle of Red Nectar, the red coloring filled me with great hope. It appeared the same as my favorite beers. But, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that a beer with ‘nectar’ in its name and pictures of humming birds on the label and cap should offer a flowery first sip. I immediately thought I was going to be disappointed by this beer, but as I drank it, the flavor revealed a complex estery quality. This beer’s evolving flavor leaves the drinker with something to think about. Luckily (for me), I didn’t have to think too hard as the flavor quickly revealed itself to be pleasant throughout the beer.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. Would I buy this beer again? Yes. I’d enjoy this beer on a relaxing evening when there wasn’t much to distract me from it. I think it would also be a nice beer to accompany a visit from a friend where the intention is to sit, drink and talk. Its taste would provide its own topic for conversation. Should you buy this beer? If you like a slightly complex beer that will demand a bit of your attention, then yes.

I give this beer 4/5 caps.