Session Black Lager

2013-03-20 09.43.02Session is brewed by the Full Sail Brewing Co. Under this label, they offer the commonly found Session Premium Lager and Session Black Lager as well as the more rarely found Session Fest Red Lager. Session Black was on sale this past week.

Session is bottled in those little stubby neck bottles, meaning they’re only 11 ounces a bottle. One ounce doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but in a twelve-pack, that’s a whole beer that you don’t get. That’s the same reason I never eat at Quizno’s. Ten inches instead of 12? No thanks.

2013-03-14 10.34.35

But Session Black is better than a toasty sub. This beer has a light chocolaty taste. It is full bodied and very tasty. It has all of the flavor you’d expect from a dark beer but isn’t as overwhelming as other dark beers can be. I imagine this is due to its lighter alcohol content as compared to other dark beers.

Would I buy this beer again? Sure. It’s delicious, and it goes on sale fairly often. Should you buy this beer? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

I give this beer 4/5 caps.