Urthel Hop-It

2013-03-20 09.42.18Urthel Hop-It is a product of the Netherlands. It is a blonde ale that boasts of its choice of hops on the bottle – not surprising with a name like Hop-It. As far as its art, it has an amusing, gnome-like individual happily raising his beer on both the label and the cap. I’ll be very pleased to place this cap in an easily viewed position on the table.

This was one of the beers I bought from Total Wine and More during their opening weekend event. It was another beer grabbed haphazardly from the shelf without actually checking the price. Again, this single beer cost the same as a six-pack of another brand.

2013-03-20 08.48.24

Hop-It had a very pleasant hoppy taste, though this was mostly noticed in the aftertaste.  There was some other aspect of the aftertaste that I couldn’t quite place, but it wasn’t a negative. The beer was mildly bitter, and it was quite enjoyable.

Would I buy this beer again? Based on the price, probably not. However, I’d be really happy to drink this beer again. Should you try this beer? Yeah, if you have deep pockets. If you ever see it at a gathering or for a decent price, pick it up. It’s an enjoyable beer that you won’t regret drinking.

I’d give this beer 4/5 caps.